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Dear fellow students and interns on both Ordinary, Advance and University interns, this post content most of our online studying groups for WhatsApp users. Before joining each of the WhatsApp studying forum, you MUST read and agree to our terms and conditions, Any misconducts behavior contrary to our regulations will let to a ban from the group.

Terms & Conditions

  1. All new participants must introduce his/herself immediately the floor is open for students.
  2. Every member of the group must participate in the group, dormant members will not be allowed.
  3. No student is allow to voice in the forum except the lecturer.
  4. No personal image, unethical image or an image of any kind that is not related to the on going topic should be send or forwarded into the forum.
  5. No viral message should be forwarded into the study forum.
  6. If you want to invite any student to joint the group, you must ask permission from the admin Mr Clovis Kamou +237 680143874 and explain the terms and conditions to the set students.
  7. students write only when the floor is open for students.

Ordinary level studying groups.

Ordinary Level Economics only click HERE to joint.

Ordinary Level Digital Marketing Only click HERE to joint

Advance level studying groups

Advance Level Economics Only click HERE to joint

Advance Level Digital Marketing Only click HERE to joint

This is a free online service offered by Clamin Limited to help fellow Cameroon to receive proper education.

We at Clamin wish you success in your exam in advance

best regards

CLovis Kamou

+237 680143874

admin@claminltd.com | clovis@claminltd.com

CEO & Founder

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